Saturday, 4 February 2006

Conspicuous by absence

Reading this kind of hit home the fact harder. There is no weekend here. There is the saturday and the sunday but there is no friday afternoon before, and no monday morning after. Well, what I mean is, it's like a tuesday morning all through. Or a wednesday, or a thursday for that matter.
It always feels worst on the second weekend. The first passes you by and you don't even notice it. Then another five days go by and you eventually long just a little bit (or a lot, depending on your state of mind) for a break. You shrug your shoulders and carry on. And soon you forget. Or force yourself to forget, which is sort of the same thing, and life goes on.
Current mood: wistful
Listening to: Oasis - Don't look back in anger


samudrika said...

Whaattt?!! How is that possible? How come you dont get one day off in a week? How do they expect you guys to work without a break? Isn't there a law against this?

kray said...

:) chill! It's not so bad! I do get 6 wks off at a time also! And no, there's no law violation happening here, it's standard principle in offshore work :D.

Also, even if I did have a day off, what would I do? I'm on a ship!! The choices are rather limited :).

crazylilthing said...

hmmm,... but kray its kind of similar situation if u r a grad student n ur experiments r not working n u r trying your best to get them to work.. n the worst part is we dont get 6 weeks off after 4(is that right ??) weeks of work also na :(

kray said...

@ clt - No, it's 6 after 6, and out of my 6 wks off, I have to go do office for 3 weeks! But well, I wasn't really complaining now was I :).

Btw, if you seriously think that life as grad student is similar to working offshore... I just hope u don't land up on a ship netime soon :P.

crazylilthing said...

no no i realise that u were not complaining .. i was just cribbing .. n i dont think i want to land up on a ship ... i get bored easily enuf being on shore :D