Saturday, 25 February 2006

Daily ramblings

Heh :D! Turns out my boss does believe in keeping his word. So I went on another small-boat outing today! And I figured why it is that I never manage to see flying fish while out in a boat. I'm too busy playing with the surf (when not busy with birds, sections, modules etc. that is) or squinting at the intensely bright sunlight. Whereafter, half blinded, it is hardly possible to notice the tiny fishes.
Oh, and I saw an oil rig!!!!! I know, it's surprising that I've been in the 'oil business' for 8 months and never seen an oil rig before. But then had some kind-hearted chap in Schlumberger Personnel not chucked my name into the WesternGeco bin (well, I hope they have better means of deciding who goes to which segment but I have no way of knowing), I might as well have been living half the year on a rig instead of a ship! By the looks of it, I am very very thankful that things are the way they are :D.

Done with shooting lines finally. When I get back on shift tomorrow, it's total hard labour :( picking up tons and tons (literally) of towed in-sea equipment back onboard. Good luck to me :-S.

Feeling: tired in anticipation :P
Listening to: Tori Amos - Cars and guitars


crazylilthing said...

aaah poor you ... somehow this reminds me of shifting .. when we had to move soo much stuff arnd :P

kray said...

:D okay, I thought I'll put in a post about exactly how jacked I've been for 36 of the last 72 hrs.. but I think there's no way I can possibly get even close to the actual picture :|.

For starters, even I had no clue when I put in that 'tons and tons' bit in this post exactly how much outright toil that involved :-<.

@crazylilthing: house shifting...hmmm :).