Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Light to dark to light

Yes I can see the Milky Way. And it looks rather like someone's tossed a bucketful of glitter high into the sky that got stuck there. Ever so often though, one would come unstuck, and a shooting star would streak across, in a tearing hurry to disappear.
But it takes a little getting used to. Stepping out into the black moonless night has the regular blinding effect. It's a fairly large open deck, with nothing that can trip you or knee-cap you for a fair distance all around, still I end up rooted to one spot for a bit, till slowly the tinier stars come into focus. Eventually the light from the distant chase boat seems too much.
I've never quite gotten the hang of wishing for stuff when I see a shooting star. The first thing crossing my mind is, without fail, 'WHOA!'. Then, (if and) when someone reminds me, I end up with 'What are the odds of that coming true /:)'. And finally, 'Ah, it's probably too late now anyway :-<'.
Feeling: a little sheepish
Listening to: Matchbox Twenty - Unwell

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crazylilthing said...

btw .. my mom always says its not good to see a shooting star while i was led to beleive by other sources that we should "make a wish " :-) .. how different peoples "fundaes " are ...