Monday, 6 March 2006

Land ho!!

Made it through the supposedly pirate-infested waters of Malacca Strait pretty safe and sound. Of course with laden cargo vessels and cruise ships lit up like christmas trees all around, what pirate in his right mind would head for a lowly seismic vessel :D. We had to wallow around for a fairly long time waiting for the whole customs clearance and the immigration jazz, but eventually I did step back on land! Though this time there wasn't the out-of-sync feeling I had the last time I stepped off a boat after a long time. Probably because the weather's been so terribly calm all trip.

On the way in I could clearly see the Chengi International Airport. From where I have my flight back home in less than 2 day's time. But once we got alongside, and the gangway was in place, I still had enough work to keep me stuck on the back-deck almost till end of shift. And there'll be enough to take up all my 12 hours tomorrow as well :(. But at least now, if I so wish, I can go for a stroll on solid ground :).
Saw some rather peculiar floating houses today. All the 'floating' houses I have seen bafore have either been actually boats, or houses on stilts. In the latter case of course they weren't exactly floating. But these ones were actally floating, and moving the currents down the water. Oh! And guess the first ship I noticed moored at the dock as we were coming in?!! The Toisa Mariner! The crew boat I spent 8 days on, travelling to and from the Trident on my last trip :).
And yes, finally saw the ship in dock! Does make for a rather impressive view. And I couldn't even get far enough to get the entire ship. (There are people in the pic for scale :D.)

Feeling: numb (I just wanna go home :(( but there's one more shift to go)
Listening to: Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb sun

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