Thursday, 9 March 2006

A mile of bliss. And memories. And forgetfulness.

I'm back home again. And though I didn't spend the three days I'd originally hoped for in Singapore (after signing off, 'cos the days I spent in Loyang can't possibly count!), I did get one afternoon. Visited this place called 'little India', for very good reason too! The huge percentage of Indian-looking people made it feel like home. Add to that numerous Indian restaurants (with proper Indian food: biryani no less!), the hustle and bustle and our Sardarji cab-driver. And this bill-board :D.
After that I decided to go take a look around our hotel. And a totally aimless walk along completely unknown lanes and one underpass took me right to the beach! I know, I know, spent 43 days on a ship and the one place I find to go and relax is the beach!! I'm a nutcase right? But it was really great! It was probably completely forgettable and rather unremarkable as such, but I haven't felt that tranquil in a long long time.
Walking barefeet for hours on the cool wet sands. Right at the edge, where the water comes lapping at your feet. And sometimes a wave larger than expected crashes too close and makes you jump, and then smile at yourself. Kids making sand castles, guys dozing off with long fishing rods stuck in the sand. Memories of idyllic days like this, freedom from all that's waiting just round the corner to mar the perfection. Peace of mind.

I also ran into a bunch of people running some sort of long-distance thing. I could so totally identify with the chaps who looked like they were about to drop from exhaustion while feeling increasingly depressed as others overtook them like it was a stroll in the park :P. And then there was the woman who believes in early training. She was running what was obviously her regular afternoon run. With her baby in the stroller she pushed along ahead as she ran! At least the kid's unlikely to suffer from motion sickness later on :D. Actually it isn't that bad an idea, come to think of it. I always have the feeling that I used to be very bored sitting in my stroller with the scenery crawling by at a snail's pace :).

I so didn't want to leave :(. But there was a seat waiting on a B 777 with my name on it. There goes one more place I promised myself I'll have to go back to.
And then this afternoon I was back on the metro, rushing off to get some visa work sorted out. It takes a special sort of mindset (and courage) to be able to sit in the front seat of a Kolkata auto-rickshaw. (Oh yes, in this city it isn't three, but five grown-ups a rick.) And for the first 2 minutes I was very very scared! And really surprised and annoyed with myself. I mean, c'mon! I LIVE here!! /:).

Tomorrow I'm off to Shantiniketan, and hence very likely away from all forms of internet communication. I'm planning to spend a while there with my grandfather this time. Yes, it isn't 'grand-parents' for me anymore.

Feeling: still tired :(
Listening to: Merle Haggard - Mamma tried


kate said...

Lovely post, though a little depressing...You seem to be able to express yourself with ease! :)

Saikat said...

hedu...home!!! it must be great being home after 6 weeks at a will get to go back only in June :(

Souvik said...

i tagged u ... chk out the rules on my last post.

kray said...

@ kate: :) thanks, well.. one tries :D

@ saikat: na re, 3 weeks only. then I'll be back for office.

@ souvik: you @#*$%^&!!!! I'll get back at u mate!! Just you wait!!!! X-(. :D

Hemamalini said...

thats a good whiff of the place in just one evening!you can defi go back there from KL..:)

kray said...

@ hema: one lives in hope :)