Saturday, 4 March 2006


All those who went - 'of the Caribbean' say aye! :P

Right, so I'm not exactly in the Caribbean and I'm not talking about movies. Pirates exist. And the place most feared for pirate activity in the world today is the Malacca Strait, i.e. where I am now. And while we aren't exactly hiding under our bunks (well, we cant.. there's no space, but that's not the point) a bit of apprehension does exist. And a whole bunch of precautions. Including continuous watch on the outer decks from 1800 to 0600. So what I'm actually bursting to say is that I'm on pirate watch :DD!! Not that there's much we can do really. Except maybe try to put up a fight with potatoes and cold meat /:).

Amongst other things, saw land today!! After a full 40 days. And it was just a tiny island with nothing but a loney lighthouse. But still! And there were birds! The non-migratory type, another indication that land is just a little beyond the horizon :).

And the other things would be lots and lots of other ships and boats. One tanker, two super large cargo ships, a bulk-carrier (all huge-ass ships weighing easily ten times the Trident!!), about a hundred fising trawlers and one canoe. With paddles. I mean what kind of mad men go sailing this far into the sea with paddles?!!

Should be reaching Singapore day after. It'll be nice to see the ship docked I think. That'll be another first.

Feeling: excited and somewhat beyond tired now
Listening to: Sheryl Crow - The book

Couldn't post this last night 'cos the network decided to conk off. And today we seem to have reached the busy marine lanes. All day there have been so many tankers, cargo- vessels, container-ships, cruise-ships and what not, that I've lost count! -6th March, 01:57 a.m.


roswitha said...

Now if only they were a bit more like Johnny Depp. Sigh! :D

Prateek said...

How to fight Pirates with Potatoes and Cold Meat if you are

1. Procure copious amounts of Tomato Ketchup.
2. Proceed directly to mix well the aforesaid potatoes (boiled and mashed), cold meat (minced) and The Tomato Ketchup, except where this would be in conflict with Step 1.
3. The "Ghaint" thus prepared is sufficient to turn the hardiest pirate's bowel to water. Prepare some rotis to go with it.
4. Let the pirates take you over, and eat the Ghaint in their presence with your bare hands. Eat the rotis with surgical precision (22.5 degrees at a time).
5. Watch with one eyebrow raised as the onlookers die writhing in agony.

kray said...

@ roswitha: that would be something :). instead, these modern day pirates are mostly just terrorists :(.

@ prateek: =)) but there aren't any rotis here re :D.