Thursday, 16 March 2006

Round and round, spinning into oblivion.

Back home again. For all of 22 hours. Tomorrow I'll be off again to Delhi. Despite Mum living there off and on for the last two years and then my uncle shifting permanently there, I have never visited Delhi before, so I'm rather looking forward to it. Of course there's also the relief at being able to go somewhere new without having to worry about a visa first :D.

And from there I'll be going over to Mumbai. For what might be the last time in a while. Hurts a bit just to think of it. Somehow, I have always been going back this last one year that I've ceased being a student. A friend of mine put it in rather a harsh perspective the other day. On hearing that I was going back he mused, "But wasn't he here just sometime back?!"

Thing is, places mean only so much as the people you get to know there. And sometimes all it takes is one person's absence. I spent six days at Shantiniketan this time, the longest stretch in half a decade. But it felt so empty. And all that was missing was one person. And it doesn't help that whenever I think of the place it's usually as 'my granny's house'. Need to find another name for it in my head now...

Dol (the Bengali version of Holi, well, not exactly, but too sleepy right now to go into the details) was nice though. The familiar procession, Rabindric musical programs, colours. And no torn clothes :).

I'll be able to spend only 4 days out of my whole vacation with my Mum, it turns out. And I have to try to make it so I'll be away from home for a whole three months next time I leave.

Note to self: Need uplifting thoughts, pronto!

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Sabya -C H A C H I said...

Neither did I know u blog too !! :D Happy Journey buddy !! Hope to meet you sometime when you come to Kolkata next time !!