Wednesday, 29 March 2006


After a terrible run of days what with blocked visas, cancelled flight schedules and my office trip in jeopardy, this evening proved to be one of those rare occassions where, for once, nothing seemed to go wrong :). Found myself the perfect pair of new sneakers :D and the elusive backpack! (Had been looking for it for the last 5 months!)

And then watched Being Cyrus. It's not the ultimate movie, at all, but it's so refreshing to see an Indian movie in English done so well! And with a great storyline :). Really nice touches with the cinematography. And it helped that I thought I recognised the scenery a few times :D.

Feeling: unexpectedly happy
Listening to: Norah Jones - Sunrise


roswitha said...

I didn't like Being Cyrus much, although the familiar scenery was, as you say, a BIG kick. :D Loved Dimple Kapadia, though.

And new sneakers! * covets * I'm going to buy myself those at some point.

Prateek said...

Kray, you'll like any movie which you can't (right-arrow) forward. By the way, that is how they are supposed to be watched, i.e. dt/dt = 1 :D :D

No, but I liked Bing Sai-ras (in case you are still wondering, saw it with Machis).

kray said...

@ roswitha: ah well, to each his/her own :). and keep u'r nazar off my new sneaks woman!! :D

@ prateek: abbey tere liye mere blog pe achha comment daalna manaa hai kya?!! :P on another note, the dt/dt=1 funda koi aur appreciate hi nahin karta hai yaar!! :(

Prateek said...

Kray is nice,
God doesn't play dice,
Mediker removes lice,
Orange, BPL, Airtel Spice.

It doesn't get any nicer than this.

Abey agar main achchhe comments likhoonga to tera Ennis Del Mar (del maar.. hehe, hehe, pun semi-intended) kya karega..

Sriram P said...

Blocked Visa?? which country.. I heard a Chinese guy complianing about Indian Visa regulations for Chinese.. I heard its pretty tough for them to get visa to India. Never heard that kinda stuff before. I have so much of backlog in Indian movies or Movies for that matter, SO I will list down all these movies and watch it sometime.

kray said...

@ sriram: now it's been rejected. Visa for Malaysia. yeah, even I've heard it's rather difficult to get an Indian visa :D