Monday, 27 March 2006

Tag-me-not - II

Right, so my deepest apologies to Souvik for having forgotten all about his tag. And further apologies in advance 'cos I'm gonna brazenly flout all the 'rules' he's set for it :P.

Firstly, I hate having to answer questions, and secondly, this particular one I've already answered here!!! Well, more or less. (You need to scroll down a bit.) And if the 8th characteristic is absolutely necessary, then here goes:

The perfect woman:
3.5 . She should have some appreciation for adventure!

Now that I have thoroughly skewered that, moving on to other things. Visa's and me just don't get along. (Now where had you heard that one before, right?) Of course, it's more than your average pain in the butt given my kind of job. But this time, this time I actually thought it was all going to work out like a charm! And the illusion was so much strengthened when I found out that even my flight tickets had been paid for!! Four days in advance!! Amazing right?!! That was my big mistake, falling for a ruse like that. I had barely hung up on the airlines when I was informed that my visa had been indefinitely delayed. Making the tickets useless.

Looking on the brighter side, I get to spend three more days at home. Alone. Without the option of going out of town, or for that matter out of the house for too long, just in case the elusive courrier arrives. Wait, did I say brighter side? Ah well, at least I can sit at home reading or watching really vague movies on TV, like Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood :|.

Feeling: bored
Listening to: Radiohead - Stop whispering


histrionix said...

Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood- a sweet tale of female friendships. sounds mighty vague:) Suggestions for killing time -
1) get one of those embroidery/cross-stitch things and fill it in(that's what they give girls to keep them occupied).
2) get a carrom board and play carrom.
3) bake a cake (it takes a lot of time, and if it turns out terrible, it will take lots of time to eat also)

kray said...

@ histrionix: ah, absolutely charming suggestions :|. I'd have gone for the second one, but there again, you need company.

Even watching cricket isn't an option, especially after watching the Indian batting crumble to 80 for 5 :(.

Anonymous said...

Paki, interesting suggestions. I can suggest a few more :)
1.Peel(and eat?) melon seeds. I think this is one food which ends up having negative calories.
2.Eat mungphali.
3.Cook. Anything. The more elaborate it is, the better:).. And ofcourse there will be a mess which has to be cleaned up later.
4. Something you might finally find interesting - write a book on IIT :)


kray said...

@ sup: /:) again, absolutely fabulous suggestions, thank you.

In retrospect, should have watched that match yesterday :|.