Friday, 21 April 2006

Back to work :D!

You can make out I'm happy when I'm screwing things up :P. It's true! I can only work really well when I'm a little depressed, when I'm happy I'm too excited to concentrate well enough on work :D. Going by that yardstick, I was extemely happy to get back on the Trident today!
My two day stay at Perth was rather nice. Australia is big. It is bloody huge, and there are too few people. So everywhere and in everything there's this immense sense of spaciousness! Which is of course a very welcome change from the usual Indian metropolis. But the thing that really got to me was the really cool mix of natural beauty and developed infrastructure. There doesn't seem to be any attempt at all to altering nature to try and make it look more beautiful, they just work around it. And there's always enough space.
The only irritating bit was the dog at the airport. Now don't get me wrong, I love dogs. But we are talking about four rather large sniffer dogs on the lookout for passengers smuggling drugs. And when one of these dogs turns overly friendly and gives you a (supposedly) longer-than-usual look, you have to end up being the last one off your flight to walk out of the airport :|. And also endure lengthy advice on mackerel fishing off Barrow Island in the bargain!
The flight from Perth to Barrow Island was totally spectaclar though, and all credit goes to the shoreline of Western Australia. As one might have noted in the past month, my shutter happy disposition had gone into temporary abeyance, but the bright blues, the deep greens, the dark reds served as a very effective jumpstart!
I had my face wedged between the seat ahead and the window for the better part of the flight. But there are either no kangaroos in WA, or it's incredibly difficult to spot a 2 m marsupial from 7.5 Kms up in the sky :(. So I'm still waiting for the shock of seeing 'a giant rat hopping down the road on it's hind legs', as someone put it.And then it was the short little shuttle in the Super Puma back to the ship! The weather's been good, but the ship's pitching and rolling rather ominously. There is a cyclone brewing just over the horizon, and I'm waiting for a Force 10 to give me the ride of my life >:)!!!

Yep, pics are definitely back on my blog :D and check out more shoreline pics on the photoblog!

Feeling: tired but happy!
Listening to: Long Beach dub Allstars - Sunny hours (s/t: Joey)


KK said...

amaaaaaaaaaazing pics dood !
*envious look*

kray said...

@ kk: I know!!! :D this pace is really pretty! and thanks a ton :)