Saturday, 22 April 2006

Settling back into the schedule, getting used to the hours, the bunk, the rolling... the customary just-missed-the-sunset pic. Two days and now it feels like I never even got off the ship!
And excitement presented itself today in the form of the great humpbacked whale that chose to appear right when I was on the bridge on whale watch :D. Did I neglect to mention that I tend to be insanely lucky in these vague kind of ways more often than I can remember? And guess what, I had my camera right there, in the pocket of my coveralls. But sadly, the 3x zoom my baby offers would have given me nothing more than a grey blur and a whole lot of whooshing spray :(. (Another reason for me to buy that Canon Eos I've been dying to buy for a while now, 12x optical!!!!) So I chose to watch Pico (my name for my first whale, don't ask me why) with the best binocs they have up in the bridge. Pico gave me absolutely fabulous company for all of half an hour, when I remembered that my watch should actually have been only 10 minutes long :P.

The greatest and most welcome change this trip is the brilliant food that the new Aussie galley staff are serving up each and every meal! Might even put fight to wake up for breakfast one of these days!

And in business news today, Schlumberger has finally realised, about half a decade too late that they should buy all of WesternGeco. Would have saved me the trouble of trying to explain the whole 30% - 70% malarkey like a million n a half times since I got the job :-<.

Feeling: sleepy (becoming a regular thing, this)
Listening to: Beethoven - Fur Elise

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