Sunday, 30 April 2006

Dance of the wild dolphins!

Uncanny isn't it! Akshi talks about spotting dolphins and right the next day there's literally dozens of them off the ship's stern!!! :D Yes, I tried to take pictures, no, none of them turned out decent enough to post, thanks to low light :(.

But what a sight! It's well into the night and the ship is standing still in the calm waters of the anchorage. All around there are the enclosing islands and outcrops off the mainland, glittering with marker buoys, lights from houses, the dock in the distance... And there's this huge bunch of flying fish attracted to the backdeck lights playing near the gundeck ramp. And attracted to this plentiful supply of food, there are the dolphins and large flocks of these birds:
It was a real treat to watch the dolphins chase the fish around, which were often resorting to flight! But not to be outdone, the dolphins, more often than not, managed to snatch the flying fish right out of the air!!! And the resulting leaps out of the water totally made my otherwise shitty day :D. The sunset, almost over land, was a nice change too :).--
The ship's engines are off and it's unusually quiet.

The only part life that has seemed so perfect till now was suddenly going all wrong. The feeling could probably be most accurately described as choking. But it was just for a little bit, and then it was all back in step. Makes me wonder, is happiness just a fragile illusion, or is it an elaborate defence mechanism?

I love meals where I don't have to look at what I'm eating. Like ice-cream and jello, mixed, but not too thoroughly. While I'm reading of "hooked fingers and sudden smiles", a sudden, unexpected excess of jello... life's back to good, and I'm back to smiling :).

Current mood: precariously happy
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Sriram P said...

too bad.. you didnt take the photos of Dolphins... That would have been mice .. oops.. sorry nice.. hope u get the drift... :-o)

kray said...

@ sriram: u think I'm not frustrated at not getting decent dolphin pics?!!! but such is life.. what to do :(

Sriram P said...

Perhaps the dolphins were trying to send a message to you by chasing the fish :-o)..