Thursday, 4 May 2006

Distant flashes, erratic brilliance.

The big swells and crashing waves are back with a vengeance. And with them there's thunderclouds this time. It didn't rain, but there was a faint rainbow somehow!
It's a funny thing, the ship's pitching and rolling. Eventually you do get used to it. And when the visual proof of the horizontal, i.e. the horizon, is removed (as it was tonight, with no moon and the stars blotted out by clouds), you don't even notice it upto a point! The distant flashes of lightning (couldn't hear the thunder over the hydraulics and the engines n stuff) jerking about erratically gave me a bit of a surprise. And I needed the swinging lights of a nearby ship to confirm that I was the one moving, not the sky. What's even more interesting is that it's much more difficult to ignore the movement indoors than out on the back-deck!
So clouds are back in the sky and drilling platforms around the horizon.

As I'd expected, Ice Age 2 has released all over the planet, including Kolkata by now I suspect, while I'm stuck on a boat. And again, I'm sure it would be nowhere by the time I'm off :((.

Feeling: sleepy as usual
Listening to: Lucky Ali - Mausam

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