Tuesday, 30 May 2006

The end is nigh!!

Right, so I'm finally into my last day onboard, effectively :D. See, you don't count the day I'm getting off, and today's almost over anyway :P. Reminds me of end of first sem in college when my next door freshie neighbour and I used to count the days left to the end of sem :). The really great bit is that I'm on the first chopper out! The not so great bit is that I'll have to wait till the last chopper arrives on Barrow Island for the fixed wing back to Perth. Barrow Is. being the most barren, dry, hot piece of earth I've ever laid eyes on :(. Richie of course maintains he'd rather sit in the desert than stay longer on the ship, he isn't on the first chopper ;).
It takes time to sink in, but this has really been a very very long trip :-<. Now that it's drawing to an end, the urge to just let go is getting stronger and stronger :). I really wonder how the Filipino crew-members manage to pull 6-month-long trips!
I've been leading a rather insular life this trip... You know it's insular when people who bother to read your blog know more about your life than most of your relatives, almost all your friends and even a majority of the people you live and work with everyday /:). Worst thing is, I'm beginning to get comfortable with this :O.

Anyway, the prospect of the ship-to-shore chopper safety video tomorrow morning has driven all of that way back into the background :).

Currently: mildly worried but mostly trying not too look too excited :D
Listening to: Avril Lavigne - My happy ending


Hemamalini said...

really couldnt help grinning at -"when people who bother to read your blog know more about your life..:D
I think I get to know more abt what u r upto from ur blog( considering the fact we are supposed to work together:P)

kray said...

:| kinda my point. but then again, the opposite shifts do have a hand in it in u'r case :)

Cyberswami said...

well, better watch that video carefully. it will be remarkably roald dahl-ish if you survive the long boat ride (or whatever it is that you are doing) only to fall out of a helicopter 2 km from shore because you bent down to tie your shoelaces while the pilot began his descent.

you know...

kray said...

:D u paint a rather bleak picture of Dahl man! but not to worry, the five-point harness makes it pretty much impossible to tie shoelaces in a chopper :).

Saikat said...

do u plan to come to asansol sometime during this break?
I'll be home from june 18th to august end i guess.. Indian Oil offer letter comes pretty late.
In case u decide to drop in, we can meet up sometime