Saturday, 20 May 2006

False starts

At the beginning of this trip I was sure of working at the office in Perth. And with it there were hopes of seeing more of the land down under. However, some people are trying to get me a Malaysian visa instead to go do office in KL, so hopes of kangaroo sightings are rather effectively dashed.
At the beginning of this weekend I was relieved that there would be no more protracted back-deck work this trip. Tomorrow we will be back to retrieving gear, and then putting it back out again :(. I have noticed that Sundays (with some notable exceptions) tend to be the busiest days of the week for me while on the ship!
Yesterday was crew-change. No, I obviously didn't get off the boat. It was the marine crew swapping over with the other rotation. We watched the choppers come and go with an extremely uncharacteristic disinterest. Now the fresh bunch of galley staff have totally trashed the high standards set by the ones that left :(. I mean how dificult is it to leave decent left-overs so I can make myself an interesting after-shift meal!
Have been reading Interpreter of Maladies. It's been quite a while since I've read any short stories, since I, Robot actually. And even that I refuse to classify as merely a bunch of short stories. Anyway, the first story had me thinking for a very long time, wondering who would turn the lights on again, and then... Reminded me of Tagore's definition of the short story :). Apologies, but I don't think I'm quite capable of providing even a rough translation.
Oh, and I was quite excited about the Asansol reference in one of the other stories :D. Was almost hoping there'll be some description on the place. But it started and ended on the road to Konarak, sadly.
Feeling: amused
Listening to: The Waifs - Crazy train


Saikat said...

even i was VERY excited when i read about asansol in the second story .. actually the story called interpreter of maladies !
but she spelt it with two "s"s !

kray said...

:D not the second story, but neways.. and I was trying to avoid the 2 s thing :|