Sunday, 7 May 2006

Freedom is . . .

This bird, white wings spread out against the light blue sky. Beyond the reach of the salty spray of the deep blue sea that tries to lap at it. Gliding... swooping... soaring...

Wonder what it thought of the ship, a big blue and white monster? With streamer-tentacles spread far and wide :). And did it see me? As it soared into my picture unbidden as I tried to get the moon, the gull-winged cloud and the sea all at once...

Bad days. Days when you work so hard, it feels like you can go no farther. But all you have to show for your efforts is negative displacement. Tough days. When you feel so stressed out you just want to drop out of your life. Good days. Something, someone, makes you smile. And everything's alright again... Sometimes one day can be so many days.

Feeling: full :D
Listening to: Radiohead - Fake plastic trees

Quote: ".. although you know that one day you will die, you live as if you wont."

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