Thursday, 25 May 2006

Past clicks!

Came across this link today. Strongly suggest people go to the 5 album pages on the left! Has some truly awesome pics of Calcutta in 1945-46. On the one hand I was struck by a rush of nostalgia, and then a fellow ex-Kolkata friend reminded me how much of the city today looks like a brushed-up, colour version of the pictures. And I wonder, is this 60 years' worth of advancement? Or have we carried attachment-to-the-past to a point beyond reason? But instead of hating my city, I feel sorry for it. Imagine lugging an ever-growing, ever increasingly demanding population through six decades and having very little to show by way of kindness returned.


That dark deceptively calm looking water hid at least 2 whales that were barely a hundred metres or so from the ship :(. They were there for all of 20 minutes, then I got to the bridge, and they promptly disappeared!

The other, rather substantially more nasty thing that happened to me today was a full blown attack of 'Hot English Mustard'! The tiniest smatterring in my sandwich, and I had the most horrid sensation ever inflicted upon me by any kind of food!! The closest I can come to comprehending the symptoms is that it felt like I was being throttled, being forced to sneeze and being scalped, all at the same time :-&. And all this because I was too lazy to go get the regular mustard from the fridge :-<.

Well, there's still some good news, now it's just 6 more days and a wake-up :D.

Feeling: terrorized... by food /:)
Listening to: The Waifs - Highway one


Souvik said...

awesome pics on the site!!! how did u come across it??
btw ... watz this hot english mustard?? wats so spl abt it??

kray said...

from a friend. and I have no clue how he got it.

as for the mustard, it's mustard man! just that it's really really strong!!