Sunday, 14 May 2006

Sunday! Bloody Sunday!!

It was great!! By far the best Sunday I've had on the ship! I probably haven't mentioned on my blog yet that we finally have satellite TV onboard :D. True, for a long time we could only get it heading in a particular direction, but that, and loads of other painful things got sorted out in time for last night's FA Cup final between Liverpool and underdogs West Ham.
Now I'm not particularly into English league football, but there are certain members in the crew who are actually from Liverpool and such other places, and their enthusiasm is infectious. So while some watched the match in the theatre I had to remain satisfied with online updates in the instrument room :(. I was on shift. But the cliffhanger of a match eventually went into overtime, and extended beyond midnight :D. I raced off to change out of my coveralls and made a dash for the theatre ('No work gear allowed!', says the notice on the door) landing up all excited in front of a live football coverage after God knows how long!
It worked as a nice preview to the World Cup, thunderous crowds, the teams trying way beyond the ordinary to conjure a goal out of nowhere, and tensed faces staring into the TV with me! The agony in the "Ahh!" when the transmission snapped for a moment during one of the spot-kicks :). Now I'm really looking forward to the 19 straight days of unadlterated international football coming up in less than a month!
Add to that a really peaceful day and a bright moonlit night with the stars proudly holding their own and the horizon clear as day. Sundays don't often get any better :).

Feeling: enthusiastic
Listening to: U2 - Sunday bloody Sunday (live, War Tour)
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Cyberswami said...

then you must surely look forward to the champions league final later this week!

Sriram P said...

yes i heard it was a fantastic game.. surprisingly i saw so many Liverpool fans even in Oslo singing and shouting after the game was over.. Wats with Liverpool fans? They are everywhere.. I thought usually Man U had a fan following.. But anyways I am waiting for the Chanpions league final too... Two best teams currently in Europe and deservedly both are in finals and its going to be exciting.. Henry Vs Ronaldhinho is going be very exciting.. I like both teams and am not able to pick one.. but am going to enjoy an attacking game of football for sure... Summer of Football is here again...

kray said...

@ cyberswami: :) it all depends on the timing of the match and the direction the ship is heading :P

@ sriram: Summer of Football! roger that!

Anonymous said...

Greatest Team in the world for sure