Sunday, 28 May 2006


There was much ado over cyclones and other such turbulent sea conditions when I was about to board the ship in mid April. But for the better part of the trip since then, we've had not perfect, but reasonable weather. Since about midday yesterday all that's changed, and now for over 24 hours we have shut down for bad weather. Looks like the heavens have taken offence at my declaration to a friend that weather-wise the trip had turned out to be an anti-climax :).
It was pretty amazing watching the sea today. The waves were coming up from the stern, and these insanely huge swells were literally lifting up the back end of the ship some 4-5 metres. And as they passed on forward, the ship fell back onto the water with a gigantic splash! The gunners had washed the gun-deck in vain yesterday, the sea was doing their work for them all over again :P.Since the afternoon however, things have calmed down, though only slightly. I'm hoping of course, that it's nice and sunny by Thursday! Can't imagine crew-change getting delayed!!

Currently: jobless :D
Listening to: The Beatles - A hard day's night :P


roswitha said...

Looking at your pictures are be one of the day's most satisfactory activities. Sigh!

kray said...

hey thank you! that would be the best complement on my blog yet :).