Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Fast lane!

Life's been quite a blur these last few days! Good fun it is, and now I'm finally going home tomorrow! Had the choice of a late-night flight tonight, but that would mean almost certainly missing the final Group C Argentina - Holland match! Unthinkable!! :D
The first of the simultaneously played deciders were pretty good I thought! And while Germany looked extremely commanding against Equador, England, despite playing their best game this World Cup, were held off by a very strong display by the Swedes! Too bad the England - Germany showdown was averted though :D.Been watching movies in theatres these days \:D/. End of last week watched Pixar's latest offerring: Cars. Totally god as ever :D. And followed that up with the latest in the Fast and the Furious series: Tokyo Drift a couple of nights back! Do not be deceived by the low IMDb rating, this is one kick-ass action movie! A whole lot better than the second movie, and the totally awesome drifting action takes it a notch above the first one as well :D.
Mustang Vs 350Z Fairlady >:)
Okay, so I'm a car junkie, especially when it comes to crazy road races and car chases. But believe me, this is the ultimate NFS-Underground-in-real-life thing! And no, don't go looking for a storyline! Do that and you are missing the point :).

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Hemamalini said...

Cars is on my to-watch list too..but while in India, im watching the likes of Fanaa and mi3:D

kray said...

ah yes! MI3 has to be watched! how is it re?!