Friday, 16 June 2006

Football unleashed!!

A R G E N T I N A - A R E - G O D S !!!!!!!!!!!
They are the gods of football today! Who could have thought! Who could have dreamt of a match like this! It breaks my heart to say I missed the first half hour :(. But the combination of bread and a notebook conspired so I had to see a scoreline of 1-0 on a giant screen on the road! Then I heard the scream when the Serbia and Montenegro net shook a second time as I almost dove for the remote. I caught the immediate replay of a simply fantastic blur of deft touches!And then I thought I'd missed the major chunk of the action :)). The completely blind decision of the referee to call Crespo offside and then book him must have enraged fans all over the world! But Argentina had the perfect balm, another goal by Maxi Rodriguez!
That was hardly the end! Teenage sensation Lionel Messi (yes, not Theo-I have never played a first class game-Walcott >:P) and Carlos Tevez coming in late in the second half, saw some of the most spectacular goals this World Cup: Crespo, Tevez and Messi - pure magic!!Aaaaaah!!! What a game!! And who said this was the group of death? I think everyone did! Serbia and Montenegro, by no means minnows, were made to look like they were being taught the game :D.
Argentina 6 - 0 Serbia and Montenegro. Even he would be impressed :).

Feeling: E C S T A T I C !!!
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Richie said...

Unfortunatly I have to agree with most of your comments. I hate to admit that being me. Great game to see no competition for the Argies. Will be a different matter when they play a team with a good defence (England) or the spainish who are on top form and can push forward as well as the Argies if not better.

kray said...

:D another day is another story. as of now, looking forward to England-Sweden!