Tuesday, 13 June 2006

It's different!

Got to KL last night! Yes, got the visa, flight tickets weren't missing (they were actually, I was told at the airport, but it worked out eventually, so), flight landed up on time etc. etc. It's almost been a whole year since I'd last been here but I managed to recognise roads and buildings pretty easily! Of course, things like the Petronas Twin Towers or the Menara Kuala-lumpur are difficult to forget.The contrast with Perth is close to complete. It's a Monday night, it's close to midnight, the roads are buzzing with people outside nightclubs! There are lights all over the place and it's also the middle of summer, as against the middle of winter :|. And here I was handed the keys to a condo on the 18th floor that's larger than any 3-BHK flat I have ever seen! It's seriously scary staying all by yourself in a place that huge!!

Most importantly, verified that all World Cup matches are shown live on a dedicated channel :D.

Currently: was actually busy for most of the day :P
Listening to: Moby - Machete


Hemamalini said...

you are listening to Moby in office..well..well..
agreed, those huge apartments are quite ominous for a single person..

kray said...

yes thanks to pod headphones :D

but now I have flatmate! yay

Hemamalini said...

congratulations! I know the feeling..:D

Krishna said...

oi i be confused. u said u were in perth. why KL now?!

btw, i started blog in life. i remember u telling me to start last yr. hence.

PS: i look like one of those spam msgers :D

kray said...

@ krishna: shabash!! way to go :D

arrey, I was waiting in Perth for visa to Malaysia no?! so now I got visa..

Krishna said...

:D i guess i didnt remember the latter part. anyways enjoy saar!