Monday, 5 June 2006


I have had a g-r-e-a-t weekend :). Of course that has a lot to do with this being the first weekend I've had at all for a while. But the place has turned out to be really awesome! Today I went off on the long walk towards Heirisson Island a little further north along the Swan river. It's a long but nice walk along the riverside, and I'm not exactly short on time.
One half of the island is fenced off as a sort of reserve. Almost as soon as I got there, I noticed these heads bobbing amidst the bush!
It's a really nice place, so near the city centre, yet it surrounds you completely with it's trees and water (there are ponds within the tiny island :|) and birds and kangaroos... :).During my walk and again on the island I came across many of these birds with wings spread out in the sun. The reason became obvious when I noticed some of them diving completely underwater to grab fish that seems to be abundant in the river. Fishing's a really big thing here. Everyone, from 6-7 yr old kids to 60 yr old ladies, they all go fishing.
Finally, as I headed back off the Island I decided I'd give the 'roos another shot. And this time I was better rewarded! Six of them, probably the entire population of the tiny island reserve, were out in the open and didn't seem particularly distressed when I went closer and closer, trying to get a better picture! That of course resulted in a series of pics with the animals growing progressvely larger, until I finally got this one :P.So the extended weekend has worked out really nicely :). Thanks also to Valentino Rossi and 17-yr old Nicole Vaidisova for making my weekend even better by winning the Italian MotoGP yet again and defeating Amelie Mauresmo in the French Open, respectively :D. Tomorrow I shall have another go at my Malaysian visa. This time hopefully I'll at least be able to lodge the application.

Feeling: optimistic!
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More pics here.

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