Friday, 16 June 2006

Meaningless nothings on a lazy Friday afternoon

The grey is stifling. It blots out colour, dampens the bright and hides the happy Sun behind a sad veil. How did it come to this? Nothing is as it was. I find clear memories blurred, not 'cos memory failed, but because the reality changed.

Can I stop please? Let me step out of this one-way street to catch my breath! Too many seconds ticking away too fast. A sudden, slow anxiety burrows it's way through the wall of calm I'd built so carefully. I feel old.

Why do I always end up here? A hollow somewhere, where I can't reach in. Looking around for a reason to smile. Vaguely remembered thoughts. Reaching out for wisps from the past when the present refuses help.

Currently: coming down with a cold.. I think
Listening to: Pearl Jam - Nothingman

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