Sunday, 4 June 2006

The river and the ocean.

My Aussie 'vacation' is turning out quite well actually! Watched X3 last night in a theatre nearby. Was a little disappointed with the wholesale death and destruction theme, but still, good fun to watch.
Swan bells, Perth
And as planned, went off to Fremantle today. It's a town an hour down the Swan river and on the coast. It also boasts an ex-maximum security prison that's been turned into a really interesting tourist attraction!
Fremantle prison
On the way to Fremantle I decided to take the ferry instead of the train, and that turned out to be a rather inspired choice :D. It was one of those really great trips with occassional commentary that's informative but not an overdose :). And of course, great views! I'd been reccommended a trip to an island off the mainland as well, but that's where I drew the line. Ferry in fresh water, down a totally calm river is already kinda pushing it. Ferry in open sea, with the tide supposed to be coming in?!! I've had enough of the open sea to last me roughly till mid-July, thank you very much :D.
Tomorrow I'm planning to check out this island in the middle of the river not too far away from here. It has 'occassional wildlife' marked on one of my maps!! If that doesn't some up with more kangaroo sightings, I'll have to find my way to the wildlife park I located, which is rather far away /:). But I have another whole week to go, so possibilities exist :).

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