Monday, 17 July 2006

Dire straits

This I hadn't quite bargained for. We are running out of fuel. Ditto fresh water and food provisions :O!! The culprit has been the weather for the most part. Usually, while we are shooting somewhat far off the coast, there's a supply vessel ferrying stuff to and from shore. Trouble is, the sea's been way too rough for any supply transfer to be possible from the supply boat to the Trident. And that's how it's been for the entire time that I was off the ship! So now we have to make do with the most imaginitive stuff that the galley staff can conjure up in the name of food /:). And it's not pretty. In the meanwhile, a few thousand kilos of provisions lie within containers on the supply vessel sailing barely half a mile away :-<. Looks like it'll be back to the shore soon. How soon depends on how much longer the Captain can stand the current fare dished out in the mess I guess :).

There's an upside of course (as always :P). With the present terrible weather conditions, there's enough time to... well, do anything that takes your fancy really! I'm currently content with listening to the latest albums from Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the thumping instrument rooom system, and picking my way through Foucault's Pendulum :D.

Quite a radical shift as far as reading goes though, from The Kite Runner to this one! But I'd had quite enough of the stressfully heart-rending types :-<. That said, I must add that Hosseini's book has to be the best I've read in a while! It's also the first that I've read entirely on aircrafts on in airports :).

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