Sunday, 9 July 2006


my cousins :)
There's so much that can be said about watching a kid grow! But you gotto see it for yourself to realize what a package it is! Just when you think it's the most amazing thing in the world, a wicked scream will jolt you out from the dream world of cute, sensible kids into the world of stubborn devils :-<. Ah well, thankfully, I spent most of the time by the sidelines. Designated babysitting was there to be done of course, but I was spared the worst :D. Was a good fun week for the most part. Visited the deer park I'd last seen when I was 13. But I am back home a day later than I'd hoped (sentimental relatives are a difficult bunch to convince). And I'm leaving a day earlier than I'd expected (crew-x flight details are beyond my scope of understanding). Which of course mean there's the same old last minute rush in setting off for the ship.

But I'm grateful that I did make it back home in one piece. The monsoon that had been lurking ominously in the horizon chose precisely this day to strike with a ferocity I have not seen in many many years. (No, I wasn't in Mumbai a year back when the shit hit the fan :|.) For prolonged periods in the eventually 5 hr long drive back from Shantiniketan, I was seriously worried as the wiperblades whirred in a frenzy on the windshield, with barely any effect on visibility :-S. Majorly scary it was!!

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