Monday, 10 July 2006

It's over

It went the length alright. Right down to the last penalty in the shootout. Wasn't quite like a World Cup final though, I thought.
As for the semis, one had me whooping with joy with the two goals thumped in by Italy in the dying minutes against Germany! It was just so evilly gratifying to see the smug look wiped right off Jurgen Klinsmann's face >:). The other was extremely disappointing, a lone penalty the reason why France defeated a better Portugese team.
And like a charm France was gifted an undeserved penalty in the final! Only, Italy pulled one back in spectacular fashion. The play was hurried, losing posession rather than winning it looked like the norm :(. Then of course, the moment of madness. How does it feel, I wonder, to know that you have possibly killed a nation's hopes in a moment's indiscretion? I watched Italy celebrate, found myself feeling no sympathy for France, no elation for Italy. Switched off the TV and caught some long overdue sleep.

Currently: smelling the wet-grass smell of the monsoon that's just begun
Listening to: Hans Zimmer - Gortoz a ran (OST, Black Hawk Down)


Sriram P said...

I wouldnt complain about the doubtful penalty. The ref. more than made up for it by not giving an actual foul by Zambrotta in the box. As to Zidane, it was pretty stupid what he did. But I enjoyed the whole of last month.. What a ride it was.. Surprises all over..

kray said...

@ sriram: I'm just glad it's over man. no more terrible referreeing to be shocked by...