Friday, 28 July 2006

Port call

It's getting cold. Have been mosty too tired or too wired to put down any of the stuff that's been happening. Or even to keep in touch with people actually :(. Anyway, so we landed up in Dampier instead of Karratha, which isn't such a big deal really, 'cos the port was almost as far from either town. I didn't bother visiting them either, partly since by the time I got off shift at midnight there'd be nothing worth visiting anyway. And the people who did go into town were of the opinion that even at other times of the day there wasn't much worth visiting :P.I got lucky with 6 hours of gangway watch per shift :D. One of the things keeping me amused during that time was this eagle's nest. The birds got somewhat aggressive when I got too close. But the port authorities seemed even more concerned than the birds :|.What I had hoped to do was walk around a bit and maybe land up at some of the rather inviting spots I spied by the water some way off. All that I did manage was to explore some bits by the faraway lights of the warfs.All this was a couple of days back actually and we are currently heading back to work, laying gear out on the way . Another week maybe, till various parts of my body stop aching, throbbing or otherwise feeling generally miserable :-<. In the mean time, this blog has quietly grown a year old while I wonder how many times deja vu equals boredom, or how long might it take for an adventure to turn into just a job...

tired, but happy to be back in my single cabin :)
Listening to: Tori Amos - Goodbye Pisces

Some port pics here.

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