Saturday, 1 July 2006

WHOA ! ! !

The difference is tremendous!! Watching the team you support play and watching a match where you really don't give a damn who wins :). For one you can judge without prejudice of course (the way I see it, every fan has the right to act with extreme prejudice for his team). ;) In any case, I have to admit Rooney's dismissal was tough, but then he was plain acting stupid shoving C. Ronaldo right in front of the referee after he'd stepped all over Carvalho!

Anyway, England never looked like they were going to win. Especialy given the way they sprayed chances all around the Portugese woodwork. Notable of course was Lampard's miss early in the second half! Eventually it was again down to the goalies, and Ricardo turned out to be outstanding! Seconds before the shootout, I heard the 'experts' declare Robinson the better goalkeeper :)). If Viana's strike had not been wide, things would have been decided a little earlier.I was actually pretty sure Lampard would miss. He's had what, almost 30 odd shots at goal in his 5 matches? And how many times had he scored? That's right, NONE. But the real shocker by far was when Ricardo read Gerrard's strike to perfection, and right there, England had lost.My thoughts were of course on Richie. Tough luck, especially since Carra's miss made it not one but two Liverpool players missing in the shoot-out!! In the end of course this man won it for Portugal, guessing it right every single time and beaten only once. Even that one time he'd got his hand to the ball :).--
Tomorrow I'm off to Shantiniketan again, very likely to be entertained for a whole week by my kid cousin's antics :D. And consequently be away from the internet till after the Finals! Sadly, that also means I'll miss Brazil - France :(. Anyway, in the mean time, G O Portugal!! Or Brazil, or Italy. I don't really care as long as it isnt France or Germany :D.

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Golu said...

well as I see it right now..its going to be a fra vs ger finals :D

Richie said...

Proud to be English

Sriram P said...

England is just a hyped up team or so it appears.. Gerrard and Lampard just didnt play as well as they did in the season or even in the Practise games.. and Ricardo was just too good for the england kickers.. But Portugal would find it very diff against France who have suddenly found their winning ways.

kray said...

@ golu: was E C S T A T I C to see last night that your prediction turns out wrong :D

@ richie: better luck next time. to you and me :-<

@ sriram: maybe, m a y be Italy'll get the French losers in case the Portugese dont :D

Sriram P said...

Dont be too over confident on that... France is playing some amazing football in the last 3 games... Zidane is playing really well.. I have put up some coincidence between this and Euro 2000 .. check it out.. France is winning this time.. Zidane is going to be Crowned the King of Football.. :) .. Man he is amazing player..

Anonymous said...

British by birth ENGLISH by the grace of God. Still proud