Wednesday, 30 August 2006


The pic I've been dying to post, like, forever!! :DSort of puts the whole 'how gigantic is the ocean' thing in perspective. That minuscule white speck is just a little shorter than a 100m sprint track /:).

Right, so life's back on balance, I can happily get back to my music, photos, movies and all the rest. Lappy's back with a new motherboard \:D/. If only the buggers at Dell had not replaced the original Centrino setup with a regular M. The difference? As far as I'm concerned, the absence of WLAN. There goes free internet at hajaar airports, cheap internet at almost every single apartment I stay in :-<. Well, at least the disk was perfectly ok, which means all those photographs I thought were gone forever, aren't!! And a shitload of work stuff, but I wasn't really heartbroken over that anyway :P. Of course I've now taken the precaution of backing up every bit/byte of what one might consider useful. Just in case.

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Tons of my personal Trident pics here.


Sriram P said...

this photo reminds me of a scene in titanic movie.. they show the entire ocean and then zoom in on a tiny speck which happens to be the gigantic titanic... or zoom out .. dont exactly remember which way it was.. but it was a nice perspective to have

kray said...

don't remember Titanic, but the zoom concept does remind me of Troy, when the cam zooms out from Agamemnon's ship to show the entire greek fleet :D was pretty cool, I thought!

lakesidey said...

Or the bit in Star Wars where they zoom out from the spaceship to show an entire planet ;)

~~couldn't resist the SF perspective....