Monday, 21 August 2006

Fractures on an almost empty glass jar

Lying back as the wind rushes past my ears in a thunderous race to nowhere. Yet it doesn't seem like noise. Just a little taste of truly fresh air. A tired kind of bliss. . . A little water-skiing in my mind :).
Can anybody fly this thing?
Before my head explodes,
Or my head starts to ring.

We’ve been living life inside a bubble,
We’ve been living life inside a bubble.

Confidence in you,
Is confidence in me,
Is confidence in high speed.

Engines off. Slowing down to a standstill. The immensely vast ocean is silent in the noon day sun. A bright kind of quiet. Wings flap noiselessly. Oh it's all just such a terrific blue!
It's all crew-x atmo onboard now. One chopper-load's left already!! While the bunch that got off have been given shit bigtime over the last few days, they're the ones currently sitting on various flights home :|. I mean you just know you'll be given a hard time if you're leaving a full three days earlier than the rest :).

Currently: waiting for my chopper :)
Listening to: Coldplay - High speed


Hemamalini said...

i can already see you grinning from ear to ear while driving the boat at 'high speed' in kristiansund:D

kray said...

aah!! took me a lot of time to figure out where Kristiansund came from!!! this was just about some small boat trip re.. in the CMV.