Sunday, 13 August 2006

Mayday! Mayday!

Dead or dying flying things seem to be landing up in my hands with alarming regularity this past week :(. First there was this tiny flying fish that popped out of the water, only to land up beside me in the small boat :|. We got it into some water as soon as we could, but by the looks of it, chances of survival didn't seem spectacularly high.Then a day or two later Ian gave me this moth. Now I think moths tend to be rather averse to energetic flitting about, especially in the cold. But this one was pretty clearly dead :(.
Finally Richie found me this bird today, stuck behind a pipe, and looking very scared. I'm like the designated wild-life restoration guy on board it would seem :-<. Well, having had some previous experience with scared, lost birds last trip, I was slightly less clueless this time /:). Following my standard m-o, I left it on the back-deck railing for a while. You would be surprised how totally confused and disoriented these birds can get! Let them fly out of your hands and wham! Straight into the nearest wall :|. But this one didn't seem at all interested in flying out into the cold wind, so it's currently swaddled in a few rags with bread crumbs, crumbled cookies and a cup of water within reach. And yes, I cut the cup to size. Trouble is, Dumas (pronounced dum(b) as(s)) refuses to have any of it :(. If only I'd kept the fish from earlier... Anyway, so if anyone can tell me what I can feed the bird I'll be most grateful.

Afternoon, 14th: The bird's flown, I think it was just waiting for daylight. And it's left behind a shit stain which I now need to dispose of :|. So I'm guessing it wasnt exactly starving last night /:).

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Suraj said...

Dude, you'd know me :)
I've been an LJ-er all along. That'll change, it seems.

Anyhow, I used the exact same blog title for my blog. Albeit, without the comma.

kray said...

:)) of course I know u! and yes, I found out the name of you lj blog at some point :D

you'd be surprised how many ppl call their blogs the same thing :)