Thursday, 3 August 2006


It's funny how my life onboard swings from extreme to extreme. Till two days back busy would have been the understatement of the century, and now, well... Let's just say that the high point of my life currently is that I've been on 3 small boat trips in the last five days :D.
the usual suspects: me, Richie, Ian, Marcel
On the last of these I finally managed to get the coxwain, in this case the very venerable Party Chief Ian (who's like my boss's boss's boss or something :O) to take the boat around the front of the ship. Primarily so I could take pictures :P. Yes, he's really nice, in fact all I'd managed to muster up courage to do was ask politely if he would take the boat round the front :D. As I have long believed, the Trident looks most majestic from up front.
Another funny thing is how profound thoughts tend to occur when one is somewhat less than terribly occupied. It might have something to do with reading Umberto Eco's massively profound tale of the Templars of course :D.

I've been haunting the mess a lot recently. No, I'm not intent on getting fat, it's just that I can't stand the idea of sitting in my room reading, with no music. Feels a wee bit claustrophobic. So I lug my book down to the mess when I land up for my late night supper and end up sitting there for hours. The good thing also is that there's a healthy number of people who always step in for a bite and then stay to chat :).
And yes, I've found a way to put up pics again :).

Currently: mildly bored
Listening to: DJ Quicksilver - Bingo bongo ..yes, yes, someone else put it on /:)


Mardesi said...

You should come to Topaz where small boat trip is habit, always almost everyday, twice a day! :D

kray said...

hey!! didn't know u still read my blog! :D

hows u?!! off ship?

and no thank you, I think I'm happier on the Trident, this way I still like going out in the boat, not bored of too much :D