Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Rolling (and pitching) along

I'm scared to say I'm less than busy now :|. The other day I did and promptly the next morning I find the instrument room deserted when I come on shift. Horror of horrors, it's back to the back deck!!! Right, so I'm currently very busy, watching the clock hands crawl towards midnight :P.The busy bit's not that far from the truth for the better part of the day though, really! Small boat trips are still happenning almost on a daily basis. And with the decision finally made that I'm to officially spend my office time at Perth, looks like I'll make it to Norway as well sometime this break! That certifies me to finally start driving boats 'under supervision' :D!! For once I'm not the one making all the attempts at planning my immediate future :). I'm even getting an apartment in Perth it seems \:D/! The laptop's still as dead as ever though, will have to do something about that :-<.

There's been a change in the avians in the neighbourhood recently. The regular white-winged sea-gulls seem to have disappeared. Instead, there are a couple of black birds hovering in our trail. Every time we're out in a small boat I see them skimming the wave tops with their wings. Barely a foot off the surface, gazing intently into the deep blue. Wonder what goes on through their tiny little heads. 'See fish => swoop n grab' is my best guess :P.

Oh, there were whales again! Not your usual 'whale sighted once, 2 clicks off starboard bow' stuff. Seemed like a really huge mommy humpback and her not quite so huge calf were travelling south and giving the rest of the migrating bunch a wide berth. Unfortunately that put us in their way. For about half an hour they kept up with us, maintaining a respectable distance of a couple of hundred metres on the starboard side (that would be right while looking forward). Not that's it's a difficult thing to keep up with the Trident as it wades along at a measly 4-5 knots. Eventually I guess they figured we were slow enough to overtake rather easily and after changing lanes expertly went on their own way.

Ah yes, since I'm logging everything else about my job, I've been promoted! Most important outcome of that being that I'm no longer a trainee!! Yay! :D

Feeling: accomplished :P
Listening to: Kylie Minogue - Come into my world

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