Saturday, 12 August 2006

A year at sea

Nothing much has been happening lately, except days being ticked/crossed/torn off various calendars. The tally to crew-x currently stands at 11 days and a wake-up. Thought I'd never settle into a full six weeks on the ship without at least one day when I felt like jumping off! :) It's taken me a year, but I think I'm finally getting there...

One of the things that had really surprised me on my first trip was the fact that most of the crew-members had done only a year or two on this boat!! Thing is, it felt like they'd been here forever! On every single trip since then there has been at least one new chap on my shift, and usually a whole bunch of new faces in the rest of the seismic crew. Wonder what it will be like getting transferred to another ship. Not that it's an imminent likelihood or anything, but you never know.

While looking for a picture of some guys I'd worked with on my FAST trip, I came across my hyper-enthusiastic post on my first ever small-boat trip :). Then: "I love my job! I love my life! It is so AWESSOME!!!" (I can't believe I actually wrote that :D.) Now: Well, I still love my job, as in, there's nothing I'd rather be doing! I'm not too unhappy with my life, and come to think of it, it's still pretty awesome in a lot of ways..... :)) I'm getting old! :P

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