Monday, 4 September 2006


Usually, while watching a match, any match, when I realize that the side I'm supporting will very likely lose, I switch off the TV. Now football (by which I mean football, NOT American football, or Aussie Rules :|) is an exception, 'cos this is about the only sport I follow where final second turnarounds are a very real possibility. But I digress. So I switched off the TV last night once I saw Andre Agassi lose set 3 in his 3rd round match against Benji Becker. (Who?!!!! I know!!!! :(() Thankfully, I managed to gather enough courage to eventually get out of bed and watch the match till the end, to be well rewarded by Agassi's parting speech to the crowd.
Now I haven't been a particularly good fan, as far as assiduously following tournaments and his career goes. But I do remember praying for him to win, hard, on a few ocassions. Including the '92 Wimbledon match against Becker. And the 2nd round match against Baghdatis four days back. Always liked his smile :). And will always consider him the smartest man ever for breaking up with Brooke Shields to marry Steffi Graf :D.Post match interview with Andre Agassi: US Open official site.
Agassi's career in pictures: in characteristic BBC style :).

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