Monday, 16 October 2006

The break up

I've been on the ship for over a week and haven't taken a single photograph :(. Totally disastrous this is. It's because of this shift! I'm now separated from the main subject of my interest, the sunset :(. And as for sunrises, I haven't made it out of the instrument room since the stint at the back-deck, when of course I was way too busy. Running shifts practically solo for 6 hrs straight can make responsibility sound like a dirty word :-<.

Must say this about this shift though, despite the inconvenience of having my life turned upside down, I feel strangely optimistic every day! It's like I'd gotten so used to getting on shift at midday, that towards the end of shift I get the awesomely gleeful feeling that I'm getting off work 12 hours too early :D. It might be that I'm still too fast asleep when I land up for work to notice the effect of midnight, which might otherwise totally negate the aforesaid feeling /:). Then there's table-tennis, and long conversations. And there's always the just-pre-dawn walk on the deck on my breakfast break. You can't not feel refreshed, and then there's just 6 more hours to go :).

In case I'd forgotten to mention this before, I'm now the very prowd owner of a pair of almost fluorescent green Sennheiser OMX sport headphones for my iPod! They're those over the ear thingies, and there's no way in hell these can fall off while I'm running, like the regular pod ones so often do \:D/. And I absolutely love them :D.

Feeling: cold :-<
Listening to: Elliott Smith - Independance Day


Vinod said...

Why is that titled "The Break Up"?

histrionix said...

I know...the title sounds ominous.

kray said...

abbey daya!! I put stuff like fractures on glass jars n what not and noone bats an eyelid, and 'the break up' is ominous?! :P

arrey I was going to put up something, got distracted and then forgot all abt it :D