Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Drip - drip

First shift not on the back-deck, and I'm off in the boat. I know, I know, I should be ecstatic and all that. And I was, for a while! Even managed an enthusiastic "Yep!" when I was asked if I wanted to go. Worst weather I've been out in since Sakhalin, Russia :(. Without the freezing cold, but that meant without those thick water-proof work-suits as well /:). The fact that the last time I was out in a boat it was in Kristiansund in flat calm waters didn't help. And by the time we were done and I'd spent enough time near the exhaust, for the first time ever I felt like I was about to be sick. Yep, sea-sick.

I wasn't eventually, but I figured out pretty quick that thinking about what you had for breakfast doesn't help :P. Thinking about the prospect of lunch does!! I was thinking about dessert of course, not what passes for the main course /:). It was either that, or poking my head out into the fresh air, but I was soon enjoying the ride like I usually do :D. Unfortulately we had Skippy driving, now imagine the worst speed-crazy driver you know, now double, no, triple that, in a boat, and you have Skip. As soon as I was out on the bow of the boat, he proceeded to dive straight into two metre waves and in very short order I was soaked :|. I get this strong feeling he did it on purpose :|. I'm sure I saw him grinning through the streaming window, from the dry confines of his wheelhouse.

Oh haan!! Played table tennis on the ship :D. It's awesome fun!!! I could blame all my terrible shots on the ship's rolling :P.

Anyway, so I'm finally sending off my entries for the company photo competition. I know I won't win the 2.5 grand (USD) first, but I might just make it to a consolation prize :P.

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Richie said...

I too have changed shifts and your right its a bit of a shock to the system. As for the back deck tell me about it. I have been on the back since I got here with no let up in sight. The weather is apauling here in the north sea the freezing wind on the back deck takes your breath away you would die as I currently am slowly its freezing.
Enjoy your trip and hope too bump into again soon. Enjoyed working with you and all the guys.
Take it easy

Saikat said...

ME back to blogging... and have already started cribbing! Are you going to do the same circuit over and over again? As in Russia, Norway(or was it sweden) Myanmar and Australia?

kray said...

@ richie: yeah, hope to see u around!

@ saikat: no russia, no myanmaar, just india <-> aussie.. with norway thrown in now n then :|