Saturday, 28 October 2006

Holier than thou

Lord of War. I'd thought Syriana was scary. I was wrong. This one shows you Bad. And then tells you that this shit's real. You and I are travelling on a one way ticket to hell, gathering speed.

Current mood: unsettled
Listening to: Jet - Cold hard bitch


Richie said...

Plenty, some big ones too. 5-6 Lbs not bad for a rookie.

Delayed crewchange here now so as you can imagine im slightly depressed to say the least. Will get off soon as we hit the islands of the Azores where ever that is.

kray said...

Bummer! 'Slightly depressed' I'm sure! I looked it up, looks like it's smack in the middle of the Atlantic :). Hope you have a good time off!!