Monday, 2 October 2006

Pit stop

Home for two days before shooting off again :-<. Two weeks off is short. Any shorter and I'd end up feeling like I never got any time off at all!! But I guess Durga Puja falling smack in the middle of this tiny window was pretty lucky :).This time, instead of roaming around, I chose to stay in with family. For the two days in Shantiniketan, this was pretty much enforced by the almost continuous and fairly heavy rain that left everything dripping...In Asansol, the rain didn't play spoilsport. It threatened to, but changed it's mind eventually :). So I chose to hang around the Pujo I've attended for as long as I can remember (there have been gaps in between, of course). Met up with some old school friends I hadn't seen for a good five years or more! Surprised (and on occasion scared :|) a lot of acquaintances with the beard and haircut /:). Hogged on awesome food :D. And yes, watched Schumacher win at Shanghai to finally catch up with Alonso!!
Life's getting a wee bit routine when it comes to crew changes. It's back to Perth, again :|. Oh but instead of flying via Barrow Island, we'll be flying via Exmouth!! Yay! The approximate population for the place within a 7 km radius is 37. No, there's no hundred, thousand or any other multiple involved /:).

Right, so now that I've heard a suitably large number of groups carry their Maa Durgas for the final immersion, I guess it's a good time to wish everyone Shubho Bijoya :).

Feeling: like I've been travelling forever :-<
Listening to: Matchbox Twenty - Disease

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