Monday, 30 October 2006

Pretty images flitting by

So I finally did it. No, nothing radical or earth shattering. Just managed to watch two movies in their entirety and in the proper order. Yep, having watched Before Sunrise not too long back, watched Before Sunset yesterday, this time the whole thing. I shouldn't try to say anything about it :P. But I am definitely going to get them two movies for myself :).Still waiting for the final results on that photo competition :-<. Trouble is, two of mine actually made it to the final 30 :|. Otherwise it would all have been happily over a full ten days back. Well, okay not happily :P, but over!

all mixed up
Listening to: Dido - Sand in my shoes

Note to self: desperately need to get me that song from Excess Baggage... it goes, "it's all mixed up" :).


Anonymous said...

not ignoring you. link been dodgy d/t Sing-Chennai transit. leaving tonight to start deploying. selwyn

kray said...

:D yeah I figured something like that.. do mail when you get the change though!