Thursday, 16 November 2006


I have tickets!!!!! :D :D To next weekend's Pearl Jam concert here in Perth!! This is SO AWESOME!!! I've known about the precise date and location of the concert for so long!! But with changing schedules and rotations and all of that I'd kinda given up on actually being here at the right time! Moreover, all tickets sold out like over a month back! At the time of course I was on the boat, and an express mailing address or a 'pick-up point near you' weren't very realistic options :|. But they re-released some tickets sometime this week itself I think! And I have tickets on the floor area smack bang in front of centre-stage :D. And I have company \:D/! A couple of guys from office who'd forgotten all about it (imagine that!!!! :O) and then given up on getting tickets this late :D. YAYYYYYY!!! :D:D Yes I'm totally totally hyper right now :).

Feeling: ECSTATIC!!!!! duh /:)
Listening to: Dido - Do you have a little time


Hemamalini said...

:))I almost expected snaps of the ticket or something like that:D

kray said...

:D ok, I'm in office!! and I AM busy!! couple of hours before I actually had chance to post :P.

Hemamalini said...

what?!you were busy? and for a COUPLE of hours?!*fainting* :D

(ah.the fun of generally paining u:P)

kray said...