Monday, 20 November 2006

Blue Heaven

Ever noticed how a really good weekend makes the rest of the week look so totally miserable? It doesn't help when the bright sunny weekend ends with getting caught in a Monday morning drizzle. Ah well, one can't have everything I suppose. But I did have a fun weekend. A quiet Friday evening in probably the only Subiaco restaurant that wasn't bursting with people. And one with breezy open-air seating and a hilariously forgetful waitress. (But she was cute!) A fruitless whale sighting trip on Saturday led to an afternoon strolling around in Freo looking for anything other than a seafood grill :|. Not before getting my feet wet and my floaters laden with sand of course. It's finally summer in these parts, so floaters and shorts rule :D.Watched The Prestige and got totally tangled up the twisted web of.. whatever it was a twisted web of, 'cos a twisted web it definitely was! I really don't mean that in a bad way though :P. It was quite interesting.But Sunday took the cake! There was this air race over the Swan river that had been publicized all over, and it was predicted to attract over a quarter of a million people! I figured I'll get there early, just in case. The good thing with an air race is there aren't any seats. But the way the banks of the river started filling up, I was quite amazed! I'd never have guessed there were so many people in Perth!! But three hours later I was really feeling sorry for them. If this is as exciting as it gets, life had to be pretty sad :P. The best part of it all was when a Quantas aircraft took off from the neighbouring Perth airport and started looping around crazily over the river before heading back to the airport! Now I don't think it was a part of the show, but if there were any passengers in that one, I don't think they'll ever fly Quantas again :D.

In case anyone's wondering about the title, that's the flavour of the vaguest milkshake I've ever had /:). Totally reminiscent of the iffy looking 'blue ruin' from Eternal Sunshine... :|.

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More weekend pics.


Anu said...

I wonder what 'Blue Ruin' in the movie must've tasted like...

Anyway, I've decided I like how you write (I even did a Ctrl+F and all!), even though you've passed Josh and me off as "A couple of guys from office..." :D

Sriram P said...

your pics r nice.. almost tempting me to add perth to my Must visit tourist locations.. :)
still expecting a tour diary of an Outback adventure from you guys.. That would be something..

kray said...

@ sriram: it would indeed :) but that would involve me spending even more time in australia over and above the ship and office times :P