Thursday, 9 November 2006

I won!!!

Something :P. Well, all details are not out yet, but I've been informed that for my entries to the WesternGeco Photo Competition I've got myself a t-shirt and 250 bucks! Okay, so did like hajaar other people, but who cares?!!! :D
This is the one that got the shirt. No idea what the shirt looks like yet, by the way :P. We've been asked to e-mail shirt sizes and they'll send it over from Houston it seems /:). Why can't they ever do things simply?!

Oh yes! Other awesome thing that happened today, I now own a Leatherman Wave!!!! \:D/ It is totally awesome!!! I mean, I know I'll probably never use most of the plethora of stuff they've managed to pack into it! But it's so cool!!! :D Got it for these points that we can build up onboard for doing a bunch of things and claim back with goodies!

I needed this! Stuff to cheer me up that is. Been out on the back deck forever :(. And will be till crew-change, which is just one more day, and a wake up now! I am so dying to get to Perth on Saturday and just sleep through the whole of Sunday :-<.

the usual side-effects: bruised, battered, hopelessly tired...
Listening to: Alanis Morissette - Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hey! Congratulations! :)

kray said...

:D thanks :D:D

Anonymous said...

congrats dude.. saw the photo on the intranet..

kray said...

:) thanks man!

Sriram P said...

in case u r wonderin who the 2nd anonymous was, it was me .. strange ways of google.. after i switched to google beta it doesnt allow me to logon with new or old passwd after i coment... or something like that.. need top figure out what went wrong..