Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Home sweet home

Things you begin to notice in airports and aircraft. Things you begin to notice after the whole novelty thing has worn off, and you aren't on high alert every time you pass through a security check. After you've gotten to the point where you could probably sleep-walk through any airport 'cos you have realised that they are, in fact, all the same. Like the fact that more faces on the album covers in the CD store look familiar 'cos you've seen them in some Idol/Rockstar hunt thing on TV. That more titles in the bookstore fiction racks have the word sex in them than a year back. That the chairs in the waiting area have been re-arranged.

I was on a two-flight plan back home after ages, and the Quantas one out of Perth was delayed by an hour and a half. Why? Because it took them 90 minutes to realise that they couldn't fix the in-flight entertainment system. So some people missed their connections, my changeover time in Singapore dropped to well under an hour (leaving absolutely no time for my customary mail-check at Changi :-<). And still no movies or music on a five hour flight. Thank God for my iPod and my book. At least things were working on the next flight and I quite enjoyed A Good Year! I love movies where everything works out like clockwork. It helps if it's funny.

Other things you begin to notice are how the eye colours and accents melt from one to another as you go hopping from one airport to another. (Skin/hair colours and languages should be obvious the very first time you travel :|.) And how the babble in the cabin gets louder every step you take towards BOM/CCU etc. And of course how procedures in airports get more and more time consuming. Till you get to Kolkata international and you get the distinct urge to nuke the place. Maybe then they'll work a little bit quicker.

After a few years or so you make your way out of the terminal and get dragged to a 'taxi'. Then a chap with obviously no right to have a licence for a bicycle (had there been such a thing) much less for a motor vehicle, takes you for a fun ride back home. On the way you watch helplessly as several people, dogs, cows, have near death experiences. And then of course the toothy smile that informs you that the change you are waiting for, you're never gonna get.

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Anu said...

Poor you...
But well-written :) Love the observations.

dehaaij said...

Sounds like you´re starting to look in from the outside. A true expat :)

kray said...

@ anu: not to worry, a couple of days I'm completely at home, murderous traffic n all..

@ jon: hey! yeah.. looks bad doesn't it :D