Saturday, 3 February 2007

The inevitable

I knew I would do it sometime, but I never seemed to be getting around to it... Eventually it took missed opportunities at the Australia Day fireworks and the aquarium visit, and today's planned trip to Rottnest Island for me to finally go get a successor to my much used, much abused, and very much loved Sony Cyber-shot DSC - L1. I did overshoot my target of 3500 clicks for retiring it, and I have to admit, I could not have asked for a better first camera :). But eventually the 3x optical, the tiny memory card that forced me to dump pics every chance I got, the absence of a stitch assist, and most importantly, the damage incurred during the small boat trip a few months ago all added up to a big enough reason.

The successor that I finally settled on to replace my L1 is the Canon IXUS 850IS. And critical as I am of an able substitute, since last night, it's shown promise. It helps of course, that it's actually smaller than the L1 in two dimensions which is no mean feat, manages to pack a 3.8x wide angle Canon lens system (with OIS), and is not that much heavier, and hence still fits in nicely in my pocket :). And yes, it's good to have two cams around so I don't have to resort to mirrors to get a decent picture of either :P.

Feeling: ecstatic (having just discovered the true powers of the stitch assist)
Listening to: Jack Johnson - Traffic in the sky


Saikat said...

Congrats on the new Camera!

kray said...

:) thanks!