Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Life. . .

... is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away. No, I didn't just come up with that. Some Hollywood scriptwriter did, a few years back. But if you think about it, well actually, if I think about it, going by the above principle my life will end up being a hell of a lot of 'something like it' and a teeny bit of 'life'. So, grudgingly, I drag down the bar for the amount of breath that needs to get knocked out of me to officially define the moment as breath-taking. Then I notice a few things one might call the small joys of life, or maybe not.

1. It's been raining more or less all day. (Yes it is winter, but this is also Kolkata. It rains in winter, in summer and of course during the monsoons as well. Yay.)

2. Largely thanks to (1), it's gotten markedly colder, justifying to a minuscule extent the season being called winter.

3. I was watching Constantine today, and was reminded of a conversation with a friend, what seems like a long time back. About angels. I was adamant on being Gabriel and she on being Ariel. Came upon this link, and realized it was one I'd found the last time as well!

4. I've taken to listening to one album on repeat all day. Actually it was the full album at the start of the day, now it's down to four songs. And thus I discover my latest infatuation: Vertical Horizon.

Here in the light
It burns you up inside
Here in the shell of a sun
We echo on

Too much listening
Not enough living

And you say
What did... I say
What did... you say
We just
Go away
Go away
Go away

ps. 5. I can still kill mosquitoes the way I could six years back :D.

Feeling: numb-ish
Listening to: Vertical Horizon - You say


Vanitha said...


How are you? Finally got my blog up....clemency.wordpress.com :D


kray said...

hey! I'm great! and finally huh! :)

now for some posts? :D

Rhea said...

hey, first time reader to ur blog...must say its a good read:)

kray said...

hi! thanks!! :)