Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The long way down to the ocean.

So Bangkok wasn't the only interesting thing this crew-change. Back in Perth, there was a ticket waiting for me to the Circus Oz!! That's right, and I think the last time I'd been to one had to be when I was around 5 or something :). It was great fun, though there were no animals :-<. Had to wake up early the next morning 'cos of a 7 am flight. Or so we thought. Found out at the airport that the flight was at 1 pm, and someone had neglected to mention this to us /:). Waiting for a cab to land up so we could head back, we watched the sky light up and the lights go out... Had a totally awesome breakfast of pancakes :D. Then of course it was back to the airport again and off to Geraldton. The Trident was alongside at the docks looking great is it's bright new paint :).And finally we were off again. With my sleep cycles completely screwed up over the last few days I ended up crashing directly after shift yesterday, something I have never done before. Ended up waking up too early :P. But it was nice, went out to the helideck (well actually, just poked my head out onto the helideck from the deck below :P) and watched the shimmering lights away on the port side. We were skirting quite close to land on our way down south along the west cast and have now turned past the southern tip of Western Australia, heading for the Bass Strait.

Adding to the spectacularly clear view of the Milky Way and a large low reddish moon, were a couple of lighthouses I managed to see, with their powerful beams sweeping by, regular as clockwork. And the distant but mighty flashes of lightning straight ahead. The weather promises to get rough :).

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