Friday, 23 February 2007

Lucky me!

Finally! :D I'm in Suvarnabhumi International, Bangkok, and I've managed to find a use for the USB Wi-Fi device I bought way back in November!!! That's right, it actually works, and so I've happily kicked off my long stopover with a post \:D/. (I'm so totally a slave to this ain't I? :P) Unfortunately, with no plug point in sight, I'll have to give it up soon, but still!! :D

Well, that's not quite the entire point of this post. So I was early at Kolkata international today, as usual. But this time it was 'cos dad was dropping me off, and he had to leave that early for work. Mum's driving licence has expired, so she couldn't drive me to the airport, and I was simply feeling too lazy to go get a cab :P. So I am sitting there, minding my own business, when I notice this security chap with an INSAS assault rifle slung over his shoulder. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then I notice the magazine, and it's actually see-through!! Got me wondering, in an actual combat situation, do you really want your opposition to know in case you're about to run out of bullets? Or maybe the said opposition would be too engrossed in the barrel to look past it till the magazine and notice the deficit...

I actually have something nice to say about the CCU immigration people this time! Chap actually took the trouble to fit in the stamp nicely in between a couple of big black Aussie stamps :D. Was sitting behind a very irritating chap in the flight to Bangkok, kept pestering the air-hostesses every chance he got. Managed to irritate one so bad she spilt most of the contents of a bottle of wine right on top of the chap next to me! Poor woman, you could tell this just wasn't her best day.

Anyway, I'd managed to finish a better part of Inheritance of Loss while waiting for my mum or grandpa at various parking lots over the last week so I did take another book in my backpack, the copy of The Alchemist I'd bought God knows when and never read. But I'm almost done with TIoL, and just now, while browsing in the bookshop, I came upon a book I've been looking for off and on for a while, but have never managed to find before: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time! And promptly bought it :|. (Oh, and please, please go to the link!! Found it by accident, and has to be the best page for a book I've seen, yet!) Let's see how much longer Coelho has to wait to be read...

Currently: very kicked with the Wi-Fi :D
Listening to: Oasis - Little by little

40 mins later: Found a socket!! And what's more, one of my adaptors works!! \:D/

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